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SL series III Feature Requests

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asked Oct 6, 2018 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by richardallard (450 points)
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Hi, After purchasing an SL32 Series 3 I've discovered a few things I'm not crazy about. I have a few requests that would definitely improve the already amazing product you've put out. Best part is that they're all software feature improvements.

FX Improvements
1- Mix knob on FX. (saves us extra routing and a parallel compression fader)
2- Mono / Stereo FX (If channels are linked in stereo, else mono)
3- EQ's on all FX, Reverb, Delays AND Comps (which can negatively affect the audio)
4- x-over (filter out which frequencies we treat) in short, Reverb and Delay messes up the Low End.
5- More FX, Comps & EQ emulations / Console API, SSL etc.

2 EQ's on each channel, 1 Standard EQ for carving out annoying frequencies and the other included EQ's for Coloration / Texture.
Having only one EQ available limits flexibility. 

Erase Recording (Not only Save & Close)
Multi Track recording (post production without the use of a PC) Since Presonus designed the SL3 with a TAPE in mind then make it operate like a Multi Track Tape Recorder.
Setting the Pre, Pre2 & Post for Recording & Playback Separately. ie. I Like to record Pre2 but on playback I want to playback in PRE mode (Not add Pre2 on top of Pre2, the audio sounds terribly inflated)

SL Remote
iPad vs Android connectivity. When I lose connectivity between SL 3 & SOne v4, with the iPad I simply scan for the S1 and reconnect, while the Android doesn't find the S1, I need to reboot the Android tablet to fix the problem. (remember to never let the app go to sleep nor switch to another app like Chrome etc. the app will disconnect then you'll have to do either fixes I suggested)
Touch on iPad 2 is better than my more recent Samsung A10. 

Remote recording & mixing
I always set my mixes in S1 with sub groups or Busses, but they don't appear that way on the Remote. RC should reflect the S1 setup not just be static. If I chose to pack my drums folder in S1 with specific faders sent to Busses I don't want to see the 12 drum tracks on the RC but only the busses that I've created, I could then see everything on one page (no scrolling).

SL3 Screen touch sensitivity could be improved. Right now I have to press and hold screen for about half a second before the letter appears. Tip, use the tablet to change names it'll save you some cursing.

Main & Mono outputs
Essentially the Mono out is a copy of the Main mix. I was thinking that you could route each input to Mono, Main or Both.
LCR mixing is how I thought the SL s3 was thought out, I had imagined routing Kick, Snare, Bass & Lead Vox to "BOTH" to get that extra push in the Center while the L&R would have everything else
For small clubs it would require 3 Tops and maybe you could get away with having only 1 Sub since the Low end reacts better in Mono.

These are my first impressions after 2 months of testing. By adding these features you'll not only make existing users happier I promise you'll double your sales! No ****! wink

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answered Oct 9, 2018 by benpierce (99,400 points)
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Thanks for the feature requests! In the future, it would be best to break these up into separate posts so other users can vote on them individually.

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answered Oct 26, 2018 by bradleonard1 (2,160 points)
Many of these are great feature requests, but it would be best of these were broken out in to properly titled individual requests for people to vote on.