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Fat Channel Preset not working am i doing something wrong?

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asked Oct 7 in UC Surface / Qmix by lighthousefoursquare (130 points)
Firmware Version: SL 1.0.9244
App Version:

Processor AMD FX-6300 3.51 GHz
Ram 16GB
OS: Windows 10 Home(Version:17134.285) 64-bit

So when i try to navigate to the Fat Channel Presets menu (6.1 in the manual: UC_Surface_ReferenceManual_EN_24042018). i can't click on the button(3 horizontal lines with 3 dots) to allow me to modify the selected channel. The issue happened when i updated UC Surface to the current version. in the manual it says that the channel has to be active in which they are so it might be something with the update hopefully?

1 Answer

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answered Oct 8 by Tarmo1967 (430 points)
Same problem here, one not very good (complicated) solution available: