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Recovering cache file after host/capture crash

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asked Oct 14, 2018 in Capture for StudioLive by hervlebars (130 points)
I was recording a several hours event and my MacMini crashed and I was forced to reboot

When restarted, Capture had lost my session and despite the fact that a session respotiory was created, all wav files was 1ko.

Is there a way to recover cache files or smotehing like that ?

Thank you in advance


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answered Nov 20, 2019 by amiliikass (500 points)

Hi, maybe you can just download a third-party tool to recover your files, there are so many choices on the net. But if you want a free one, I recommend the Recuva and the Bitwar Data Recovery, I prefer the latter one because it has stronger functions. So you can also have a try.