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The big issues with auxiliary sends in Studio One.

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asked Oct 17, 2018 in Mixing by jrocamora (1,750 points)
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Currently it is harder than it needs to be while working with sends. The tiny little lines as a replacement for fader and pan knob is sleek, contemporary, and elegant. But it is also not practical.

Add a console setting that changes the look of sends to more closely resemble the faders on the tracks themselves, and has vertical orientation. This makes a quick glance all you need to be able to tell how much of what you're sending where, and you won't have to have your face two inches from the screen to click on the fader to adjust the level.

Another huge problem is that you can't line up your sends like how ProTools and Logic (maybe other DAW's as well) allow you to. In those two cases, if you have multiple effects that each have multiple instruments routed to them, you can line up all the controls for effect #1 to be in the topmost position, all the controls for effect #2 to be in the second position, and so on. Then any individual track specific effects can be placed in the lower slots. This makes it easy to adjust send parameters in big projects or ones that you haven't opened in a while, since you can be 100% that if it's in slot 1, it is the delay or whatever. In Studio One however, if you only have one effect on a track it will be in the topmost position no matter what. Effectively making the above described technique of console organization impossible, since you can't have slots 1 & 2 empty so you can put the track specific send in slot 3 or lower. While a workaround is to add send tracks routed to dummy outputs, this is not ideal and will add up to huge time wastes in the long run.

If you liked this feature request, consider looking at this other one I made that outlines the super huge problems with Studio One right now that are severely holding it back from truly being one of the best DAW's out there.

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answered Oct 19, 2018 by elliottsebag (7,620 points)

On my side, i'm pretty used to set my pans & sends with the mouse scroll button.
I think you can also set the values by clicking on the line and then moving up and down instead of left/right.

Otherwise if you have a controller, those are assignable to midi controls (mapped by default on faderports).

The option to line up every sends to one effects might be particulary usefull onhuge sessions with many fx's. But as long as you are under 30/50 tracks , i think it remains doable to have something clear by being well organised in your session.
On my side i always have Individual tracks of category 1 / Sub Buss for category 1 (if needed) / FX channels for cat1 / Bus channel for cat1 ... and so one for  drums /bass /  melo / sfx / voxs... so i know each time all sends will be on the left of the related fx and the global bus on it's right... (might be easier solutions but i'm doing well with this one ;) )

Finally having the possibility to customize visual aspect could be nice but i think it's a bit superficial and devs might have other priorities before this..

Hope this will help in the meanwhile,

Kind regards.