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Add a 'Custom Color Picker' for Track Colors [Completed 6.1]

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asked Oct 18, 2018 in Completed Feature Requests by petervandewitte (540 points)
recategorized Mar 22, 2023 by Lukas Ruschitzka

I often run out of colors when colouring tracks in S1. I would like to be able to pick colors with this tool (OSX, but surely Windows has this box as well):

This would come in very handy for changing the colors for different instruments within a group. For instance: I want all strings in my session to be green. But I would still like to be able to distinguish the violas from the violins and the celli within the green 'strings' group. With this eyedropper tool I'd be able to slightly change the green tones for each instrument.

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answered Oct 30, 2018 by graemewoller (1,420 points)

I'm fond of Logic's colour picker; it tends to group colours together in a sensible way. Having the ability to not only have those similar colours grouped together tidily but having a custom colour option would be fantastic.

Logic Pro X - Colour Picker

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answered Nov 22, 2018 by spiral (2,150 points)
I would also like this feature. The way Peter describes above how he would like to work is EXACTLY how I would like to work as well.

I would definitely prefer having fully customizable colors rather than simply a better organized or expanded palette with no user control.

The Studio One color palette is very limited and arbitrary, and consists almost exclusively of unappealing colors that clash with each other. There are maybe 5 usable colors that don't harsh my vibe.
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answered Mar 3, 2019 by allenlinsdsey (280 points)
Please, please. PLEASE Presonus, do this. I can't imagine it would be all that difficult to expand the palette.

SO3's palette was passable, but SO4? Dreadful! Reduced number of choices, most of which are awful, completely disorganized, and after 2 years I've had to redo my standard color scheme for tracks.

The tracks I did in v3 maintain their original colors, so it would seem to follow that if SO4 can still access and display those hues, it shouldn't be a huge deal to expand the palette to at least include the color options from v3 if not to expand the palette even further. I do orchestral recordings, sometimes with 80+ tracks. Reducing the color options is actually impacting my workflow as I can no longer just glance at the track color and know which instrument I'm fiddling with.
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answered Feb 8, 2020 by jstalcup (3,640 points)
Both a better color grid as well as a custom color picker is needed. S1 4.x color grid is terrible, especially for someone like me who is mildly red/green color blind.
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answered Feb 21, 2020 by ansolas (4,050 points)
Waiting for ages for this feature
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answered May 7, 2020 by intotheforest (720 points)
I've been wanting this feature forever! Custom color pallets for tracks would absolutely improve my workflow and session organisation. Besides that, I'm synethetic to a degree, so not having the right color to represent what the track sounds like can be quite frustrating at times.

One step above this would to give users complete color control over the entire user interface with that color picker. The hue slider that is currently available is okay, but severely limited.
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answered Oct 28, 2020 by jasonpocorus (740 points)
Both the OP and the image by graemewoller are excellent suggestions. However, grame's could have even more colors added to it. There's plenty in between his examples of ROYGBIV (horizontal in his post), and plenty more colors between light and dark (vertical)
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answered Feb 28, 2021 by achimschnherr (380 points)
Oh yes that would be so great. I also would like to be able to pick different colours in one folder track!!! And please more colours! PLEASE Presonus do this
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answered Nov 10, 2021 by adriangrothe (250 points)
when is this much needed feature coming!??? i'm so desperate for a cleaner look
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answered Nov 22, 2022 by viccapota (970 points)
Would be nice if one could within midi tracks assigne 'zones' of note colors and a subtle hue background shade to clearly designate that set of notes for lets sat your group of hi-hat articulations.