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Need method that will inform hardware controller about plugin _NAME_ that is currently in Context mapping mode.

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asked Oct 30, 2018 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by oshpmenj (210 points)

I am software developer , creating programm for retranslation CC messages from DAW to hardware controller. At this point i found that Midi Output msgs (about value of CC) that DAW sends is valid and works as expected. 

but i need feature that will inform hardware about specific plugin that is currently in "Focus/Context mapping" mode. 

its better if this will be implemented in form of CC msg, 

method#1. as we know it already sends 6 values in HEX format. so i think you can create window/tab in "option" popup where we can attach certain plugin to number(which we choose), that will be used as plugin _ID_.  


Wawes LongRvb AADDDD

So now , when this plugin gets focus by user, DAW will send 2 separate MIDI msgs: 1st - plugin ID, 2nd - knob states(in form that already exist)

this option will make your daw stand out from others in this field.

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