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Best software/keyboard for Notion 6 beginner?

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asked Oct 30, 2018 in Notion by laurabakin (130 points)
I want to purchase software and a keyboard for my son, who wants to make a career in composition.  Notion 6 has been recommended to me, but the more research I do, the more confused I get!   Is this the best one to buy?  While he's experienced with music itself, he's new to digital and MIDI features.  I want to get him something more than toy, but not something intended strictly for experienced professionals.  At this point he's composing both for church (organ) and for musical theater (piano and other pit instruments).  Thanks for any recommendations of software and keyboards.  I greatly appreciate your time.

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answered Nov 21, 2018 by sfinck (150 points)
Hi! Concert pianist here, have done arranging with software. From what I know of Notion, it’s excellent for both beginners and pros. I have used Finale, but find it clunky and just not as intuitive. Notion 6 is on my iPhone and I’ll be getting the full software soon; a DAW (digital audio workstation) called Studio One works with Notion. I tried the DAW called Pro Tools - supposedly the best in the biz - about 3 years ago. Trust me when I say it’s NOT for beginners. And a huge pain to set up. Sibelius is another writing software option that is intuitive I think, but made by the same company as Pro Tools and def more expensive. I’m taking lessons in composing and tho my teacher uses the well-established Finale, I’m sticking with Notion. Hope this helps, wishing your son the best of luck!!