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Ability to choose default snap setting for MIDI editing

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asked Nov 4, 2018 in Editing by Lee Kenn (260 points)

For anybody working with lots of MIDI data, I think it would be a huge improvement to be able to set the default MIDI snap mode to whatever you prefer. At present, the S1 MIDI editor defaults to the 'quantise' snap setting, and not only can you not change this default, but it you set it to something else it will go back to quantise EVERY TIME you close and reopen the editor. For me personally, the 'adaptive' mode is perfect 90% of the time, but switching it back on or zooming right in every time I need to make a small tweak to some midi data is a big bottleneck in my workflow. Editing long chords in particular is a nightmare with this system. S1 is still a great (and fast) program for composes and others who edit a lot of MIDI, but this is one area where I feel it needlessly falls behind some competitors, and is a small tweak that would make a huge difference to a certain type of DAW user.

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