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Request for AlphaTrack Device Template

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asked Nov 8, 2018 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by jonwoodland (860 points)
Hi, I've been using a Frontier Design Group AlphaTrack with Cakewalk Sonar for many years. Now that I have switched to Studio One Professional, I am quite disappointed to find that there is no support for the AlphaTrack in Studio One.

You have integrated the Frontier Design Group TranzPort, but not the AlphaTrack. The AlphaTrack is far superior.

Please let one of your programmers have some fun linking all the cool functions of the AlphaTrack to the Studio One functions. There is so much that they could do with this. There are three knobs with press mode as well. You can make specialized functions for the Pan, Send, EQ, Plug-In and Auto buttons. There are the previous and next track buttons, Loop, Flip, and the Shift mode of these for the Punch In, Punch Out times, Punch and Windows buttons.

Plus the fantastic transport controls FF, REW, and Return to Zero or goto End. Not to mention the ribbon bar with both one and two finger time slide functions.

Please, please, please bring this into Studio One to make it a better product and make my transition from Sonar so much easier.


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