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Faderport - Random Fader Adjustment in Studio One

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asked Nov 12, 2018 in FaderPort Classic by dbray6714 (190 points)
Weird problem that has been occurring randomly for the past 2 years and I'm finally getting around the asking about.  I use SO3 (Current build as well as current build of FP).  FP connects perfectly fine and works just fine except every now and then it will randomly take the track I've selected and drop the volume down about 2/3rds.  The FP fader itself never moves rather the fader in SO.  If I touch the FP fader, the SO fader jumps back up to previous level but when I stop touching the fader it drops back down again.  If I unplug the FP everything is fine so I know it's not my SO instance.  Again - it doesn't do all the time and in some of the cases I'm not touch anything (mouse included) but it'll still drop the level.  No particular consistency with regards to tracks, songs, etc... Just random.  I did look at MIDI sends and noticed that the FP is quite chatty and at rest is sending a bunch of commands.

I've reinstalled the FP and associated software.  Updated to latest drivers.  Tried different USB port to no avail.  Other than this random event - everything else works just fine.   Any suggestions?

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answered Dec 4, 2018 by nickmaggio (26,640 points)
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This may be something to talk to Support about.

May be a connection issue and if so they would be able to help suss it out