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is there a log file I can extract from the studiolive 32.4.2ai I can use to help troubleshooting?

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asked Nov 18, 2018 in Ai Mixers by thewoodlandsbiblechurch (200 points)
I plan to contact Tech support, but I want to be well-prepared, and want to know if the Studiolive 32.4.2ai saves a boot log file that might help us troubleshoot the problem. The issue is that QMix on the phones are losing permissions permanently if they intermittently disconnect from the console system. It seems like the permission associated with particular phones is not being stored to automatically restore the permission when the phone is reconnected. This is so inconvenient for the band that they refuse to use QMix until this issue is fixed. I contacted tech support, and got an email saying this is a known issue and is being worked on, but then found out that I was supposed to contact tech support by phone for troubleshooting. I am currently trying to coordinate a tech meeting, as several people need to be involved. The bottom line question, "is there a log file I can extract from the studiolive 32.4.2ai" - this is what I need at the moment.

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answered Nov 26, 2018 by jonnydoyle (383,990 points)
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No, Technical Support can advise you of what is required to trouble shoot your setup.