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How do I properly connect a StudioLive 32.4.2AI to an RM32AI Mixer (for use as a Stage Box)

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asked Feb 13, 2017 in Ai Mixers by billnorth1 (120 points)
What do I do?  

In April 2016 we recommended and purchased a SL32.4.2AI w/AVB card and an RM32 mixer for a studio install.  We have always used a regular analog audio Snake/StageBox; this would be the first time we ever installed digital wiring from control room to studio.  After following every word of instruction on the Presonus site to make the ‘direct connection’ to the RM as a “(simple stage box)”, we were unsuccessful in getting the two devices to “talk” to each other; we could not get signal to pass from the RM back to the SL.   With an impending deadline, I had no choice but to re-introduce the option of using the original gear with a traditional Snake/StageBox – fortunately this was acceptable – and so I am now sitting on a SL32.4.2AI and an RM32 mixer.  These we kept, and hoped to learn to use, so that we could make a qualified recommendation for a digital system in the future.

So – on April 15, 2016 – we tried to integrate the Presonus gear into the studio at our home office.  We followed every word of instruction on the Presonus site to make the ‘direct connection’ to the RM as a “(simple stage box)”; we watched all the videos; we were unsuccessful.  We called in to the support line and followed all the instructions given, but to no avail.  And, since the tech would not stay on the line, he was not available for trouble shooting.

February 10, 2017 – we try again.  This time I bring in a colleague to get another perspective.  We spent an eight hour day trying to make it work.  (Including 98min on queue with Presonus) After finally getting through, the Presonus tech asked me to find “the box that the AVB card came in” but since I purchased the unit from Guitar Center with the AVB card already installed, I had no answer for him and so I was dismissed.  We blindly tried a few more ideas.  After another 88min on queue before being disconnected at day’s end, we gave up the day as lost:  

Now I am at a loss as to what to do or how to move forward.   Any guidance would be greatly appreciated; Thank you.

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answered Feb 13, 2017 by wahlerstudios (105,290 points)

"When using any AI mixer family devices in a direct ethernet connection scenario, you must set them all to Static Self­Assigned IP mode. This includes both the AI Consoles and the RM mixers in an AVB Stagebox setup where direct ethernet connection is used, both the CS18 and the RM mixers when directly connected via an ethernet cable, as well as the CS18 when directly connected via ethernet to a computer for Studio One control (most computers will automatically self­assign an IP address when no network is present)." (check the links)

Hope this helps.