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Is it possbile to connect the Studiolive 32.4.2AI to a RML32AI?

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asked Dec 25, 2023 in Ai Mixers by isaacgosse1 (150 points)

Hello all!

Hopefully you can end my pain and suffering in one fell swoop.

Quite a few years ago I purchased an RML32AI brand new and had it shipped here. I've been using it as my main studio interface ever since and have absolutely loved it. A couple years after purchasing my main FOH mixer went and I used this in place for the time being. Since then I've purchased a relatively new-like condition Studiolive 32.4.2AI.

I've been fighting the internet trying to find some kind of source that can tell me if its possible to link the two together, one as FOH and the other as a STAGEBOX. I know the RM32AI has the capability but I have no sure proof saying that the RML32AI can also do this.

I've followed the same steps as if it were using the RM32AI as a stage box and I feel like I'm so close. I'm doing a direct connection via cat6 ethernet, both are set in self-assigned IP.

Now here is where things get frustrating: The studiolive32.4.2 recognizes the RML32AI in the system pages. I am able to select, connect, and set as stage box as well as enable. But NO audio is returning to the Studiolive32.4.2. I am not seeing any metering, and when I hook up the RML32AI to my computer, the Studiolive32.4.2 is not able to move any faders around on the screen.

PLEASE HELP. I'm going crazy over here and I need some answers.

I really love the presonus line, and would really like to continue using these in my FOH for the festivals and gigs I do, but I'm afraid i'm going to have to abandon them and purchase some new digital mixer and stage box if this doesn't work out. I'd like to know before the end of spring so I have some time to get familiar with my new gear if thats the route i need to take.

Many thanks!

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answered Jan 12 by mackjohnson1 (77,570 points)
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The 32.4.2AI will need an SL-AVB-MIX option card. The RM and RML came with them stock but they had to be purchased separately for the consoles.