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I have a question about the commercial license !

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asked Nov 25, 2018 in Studio One 4 by tipsworkssda (120 points)
hi there ... i have a question about commercial license !

i just bought the SO4 yesterday(oh yeah ! finally got it !) but i realized there is a problem about the license between individual and enterprise ... obviously i am a sound designer working in an enterprise and gonna using SO4 next , but the software is purchased by the company , not myself !  so is there a difference in commercial license between individual and enterprise ?(like Unity or Fmod/wwise) so can i use SO4 in name of company for business sound design ? the other DAWs has options for enterprise in commercial license,like protools ,you need to send email to AVID for consultation , so does Presonus has such requirement ? or you or your company just buy it and use it without limits ? i hope so , but i need to make sure it's possible , thank you !

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