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Question about drum tracks

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asked Nov 14, 2018 in Studio One 4 by chriskraynak (160 points)
retagged Nov 28, 2018 by chriskraynak
Ok so I am a pretty much a rank amateur songwriter who has recently dumped his files from an old Tascam portastudio. The tracks consist of only guitar and vocals mostly. So my question is that I would like to know if there is a drum program that would actually "create" a drum track for me. In other words, load in a drum track that can then "follow" the current beat and time signature of my already recorded tracks. I have heard of ezdrummer and was wondering if it can do this, or even better yet if the drums sets in Studio One 4 are capable of doing this--being a newbie and just a hobbyist really I would rather not spend a lot more money for ez drummer if I don't have to.  Again I apologize for my complete lack of knowledge in this area, but this is all pretty new to me.

I am running the lastest version of Studio One 4 Artist on a new Dell PC with an I7 processor and 12 gb of memory, if that matters.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


I upgraded to Studio One 4 Professional and purchased EZ Drummer 2 but still have not figured out how to the loops to keep the steady beat with my previously recorded guitar tracks. They are pretty good for a while but then about 30 secs in or so my playing on the old tracks obviously varies and the drum track starts to drift off the beat. So again any help is appreciated.

Chris Kraynak

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