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Embarrasing question about multitracking in Studio One 4

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asked Feb 26, 2019 in Studio One 4 by rickfisher1 (260 points)
I have used Sonar (many version) but am new to Studio One. I am having a simple problem and am baffled.

I record a track (arm it, record, dis-arm the track). I play it back and everything is fine. I try to record a second track, but the audio of the first track records with my new performance. The second track only has mic 1 set as the input. Why is the first track recording on the second track? For some reason the output of track 1 is going to track 2, but I can not understand why. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Interface is Studiolive AR 8

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answered Feb 26, 2019 by LucasTX (1,210 points)
I don't know what is causing track one to record onto track two - but to trouble shoot (in addition to the traditional shut it all off and then turn it on) I would try using a completely new song template. By the way, if you record a third track, does the audio from one and two go onto it as well?  (Or just audio from track one (or track two).)

 I am sure you considered this - but are you monitoring through your speakers?  If your microphone picking up the sound of track one from your speakers and recording that as you record track two?
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answered Feb 26, 2019 by rickfisher1 (260 points)
I appreciate your help.

It's the strangest thing. I tried some other tracks etc as you mentioned and if I record a new track using the same input I used to record track 1 that's when it happens. ie: I record track one using mic 1 input of my AR 8. Now if I try to record another track using mic 1 again, track one copies or is recorded to the new track. If I record using another input like mic 2 it is fine. I am totally baffled?
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answered Feb 27, 2019 by rickfisher1 (260 points)
OK, I figured it out! It was because I had "loopback"on in the Universal Control. Can anyone elaborate on this function. I had it on so that media on my computer would play back through my interface to my monitors. With it off, it still does playback media  so I'm not sure what the loopback feature actually does.