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SL16 set up for live events

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asked Nov 28, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by gerardlarkin (120 points)
Hi I have just bought the SL16, but at the moment, I want to use it for live events, using my pa which consists of EV Etx 12p and 15sp tops and subs. The thing is you, don’t have any videos on what’s the best setup for live gigs. I am struggling to get a decent sound on my desk and it’s really frustrating. The signal is hot and it’s not even loud. I have read the manual back to front etc but can you possibly give me some suggestions, to be able to enhance the sound. A simple mic setup with reverb etc would be a great help. As most videos are about studio recordings. This is my very first digital mixer, so really outwith my comfort zone.

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