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Play Mode and Edit Mode in computer keyboard (Caps Lock MIDI Input Improvement)

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asked Nov 28, 2018 in Editing by liakosdelta (150 points)
I recently purchased Studio One 4 Professional, and while I am pretty pleased with everything that is audio related, I've been having a really tough time with the MIDI input. Being somebody who spends a lot of time on a laptop, writing music on the go most of the time, and almost never being near my home / studio setup, I end up having a lot of trouble when it comes to actually writing music.

What I would suggest would be that instead of a one-octave compromising solution, that feels just having a keyboard MIDI input for the sake of having it, we could have something like a Play and an Edit mode, where we could utilize the keyboard in a two-octave setup that follows this setup:

Z = C
S = C#
X = D
D = D#
C = E
V = F
G = F#
B = G
H = G#
N = A
J = A#
M = B

And starting from Q = C and 2 = C#, the next octave.

The Edit mode, in this example, is the normal Studio One work environment, with the already established shortcuts etc.
The Play mode would disable all the shortcuts these keys use, so that one can focus on writing music without having to worry about messing up their project.
The trigger will still be the Caps Lock button, and the separation of these two would be great for all portable users, as well as everyone new to the digital music world, because not everyone can afford a MIDI keyboard, especially the younger users.

I really believe this would be a game changer for your product, and I hope you consider my idea.

Keep working on this awesome DAW of yours.

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