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Instrument track needs to have an option to edit notes in a score editor fully integrated with a Notion file.

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asked Apr 27, 2020 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by leandrononatomartins (930 points)

Before reading, consider this:

  • I am aware of the Notion and SO integration through rewire which sometimes does not function properly, and even if it works perfectly, I still would like to see it together running "inside" SO for saving time purposes. 
  • I am aware of the use of MIDI or audio exports through Notion and SO.
  • I am aware of how to implement external VSTs on Notion and SO as well.

So, here we go:

I really don't like to write music on a sequencer. I work fultime as an arranger/composer and orchestrator, also I am pretty used to work with music scores instead of start the record button and playing stuff to see it on sequencer... I just like to work with sheet music. And my suggestion is to "add" the "Staff" view to instrument tracks to edit notes and articulations, like we do on Notion. 

Let me be more specific, if I am writing something on Notion, I am very limited using some external VSTs... or even using the internal Notion VSTs even pressing TAB to "see" the hidden sequencer, we don't have the option to work fully on it. For example, as far as I know I can only "drag" the duration of each note:

But imagine if we could see a below each staff "linear" controls such as velocity or expression... It would be cool right? So I could control perfectly for example the "crescendos" intensity or something else. 

Ok, but I'm here to suggest something for Studio One right? Right, I would like to show my thoughts on this running on SO. 

Now imagine the opposite! If I could see this staff from Notion below, let's see... "Violins II"? Take a look here:

I would not like to see these notes represented as "dark lines" from the sequencer view. I could instead read music notes properly on a Staff! That's my point. I would like to have this as an option because Studio One (in my humble opinion) must be open to attend all musician types right? I know that there's a lot of people who loves to only "play and record"... No problem with that, but I bet there's a lot of musicians out there who likes to read music while recording and it's not only about that. The fact is the more you know about composition, arrangement and orchestration, you may scratch, test or edit your creations on a proper music staff. And please, don't get me wrong. I have a solid foundation on improvisation and performance skills on my instruments, so I am capable of "play and record" easily. It's just a matter of have this as a new option to attend musicians who like to work with a proper sheet music.

  • "What about track with audio recordings?"

I am used to write on a music score on Notion what I will record on Studio One. So I could "read" the notes that I'll need to record with a real instrument. To be able of doing that I had to buy a Ultrawide monitor to see both SO and Notion sheet music to play and record. Like this example of one of my arrangements:

I don't know if you guys from Presonus are planning to integrate Notion and SO... I understand that this could have some impacts such as "what am I gonna do with all vst's that I bought for Notion?", or even can I run all vsts available on SO on Notion? or the opposite... I can imagine how hard this could turn into a real thing... but at least I am trying. 

Have a nice day.

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answered Apr 30, 2020 by Annibale Hexe (4,650 points)
I absolutely agree