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S1 freezes during the "Starting External Devices"

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asked Dec 2, 2018 in Studio One 4 by romankhryapov (840 points)
edited Dec 2, 2018 by romankhryapov

Hi there,

After the release of Mojave, the S1 wasn't ready to work on it, I had constant crashes and glitches during the work. I had to downgrade to High Sierra and wait for the update S1.
After last updating S1 works fine, except for one thing: my Studio One with a probability of 50% can freeze during startup (Starting External Devices).

Yes, since I use the MacBook 2017, I use the USB Hub to connect external devices (SPL sound card, MIDI Keyboard, iLok). But they work fine outside S1.I tried to run S1 without external devices. No results. Still at 50%.

How to solve this problem? Should I wait for the fix of this problem in the next update?

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answered Dec 4, 2018 by davidswanwick (450 points)
not an answer but the same problem, locking up on "Starting External Devices" about 50% of the time with a akai LPK25.
imac 2017 on mojave.
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answered Dec 4, 2018 by romankhryapov (840 points)
OK. I mean that I'm not the only one. So hopefully developers will pay attention to this problem. It seems to me most of the users are just too lazy to report this problem, but it definitely exists.
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answered Dec 10, 2018 by vladimirandrievsky (260 points)
The same issue here.
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answered Dec 10, 2018 by troyanderson (270 points)
I'm having the same problem also........ is there a solution or work around?
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answered Dec 18, 2018 by harveywright (1,610 points)
Same problem here since upgrading to Mojave...Apollo Twin thunderbolt.
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answered Jan 4, 2019 by rotoboy (500 points)
Same problem here... I hope they find a solution soon.
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answered Jan 5, 2019 by tarasyoung (340 points)
Agreed, this is really frustrating. I have to keep Force Quitting S1 until I get in, then remove the device entries to stop it happening repeatedly, then re-add them when I'm back home.
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answered Jan 9, 2019 by jasoncoleman3 (470 points)
i have the same problem! would be great to get a status update on that.dear presonus team, is someone working on that issue ?
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answered Jan 13, 2019 by chabchab (400 points)
Same problem. 50% of the time freezes on "Starting external devices" or also right after that on "Midi port not found for device ***" (RME UCX in my case) when device is not connected. Have to kill and restart S1 and restart it one or two times.

macOs Mojave 10.14.2, Studio One macOS x64 (Built on Oct 30 2018)
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answered Jan 16, 2019 by davidswanwick (450 points)
ive been talking to presonus support about this issue and they ended up telling me to contact Akai (my midi device).

i'd encourage all of you to contact presonus support to see if we can get this issue resolved, as studio one is pretty useless in this state
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answered Jan 17, 2019 by jasoncoleman3 (470 points)
every time it does freeze at this point I just right click the s1 icon and close the program, then I turn off, on and off again my midi keyboard and restart s1. at the "start external devices" point s1 then gives me the message that my external device could not be found. all I have to do now is turn on my midi again and click yes. that's how it works for me. sounds stupid but its worth trying...
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answered Jan 19, 2019 by rotoboy (500 points)
4.1.2 did not solved the problem.... :-(
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answered Jan 21, 2019 by jesushenriquez (440 points)
I am having the same EXACT issue, it's becoming extremely annoying. Please fix this problem.
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answered Jan 21, 2019 by stevemcclain (190 points)

I have the same issue on a Mojave MacBook Pro. It is not external device related because my only devices are the Core Audio and PreSonus' own QUERTY Keyboard.

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answered Feb 4, 2019 by chaseduddy (210 points)
same problem for me. very frustrating. opens about 50% of the time. PreSonus, please get it together! OSX Mojave 10.14.2
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answered Feb 5, 2019 by marcaquino (740 points)
edited Feb 5, 2019 by marcaquino
NOT an answer BUT I still have this issue even on S1 4 Pro v4.1.3. Is Persons aware of this problem? what are they doing about it? its really annoying and I don't want to have to go back, reformat my drive to go back to Sierra.
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answered Feb 9, 2019 by ryansegura1 (220 points)

I used jasoncoleman3's answer. It is annoying but seems to work more reliably than Studio One starting up OK with my Midi device.

every time it does freeze at this point I just right click the s1 icon and close the program, then I turn off, on and off again my midi keyboard and restart s1. at the "start external devices" point s1 then gives me the message that my external device could not be found. all I have to do now is turn on my midi again and click yes.

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answered Feb 9, 2019 by thijsgooszen (140 points)
Exact Same problem since the latest update...
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answered Feb 10, 2019 by quinty (900 points)
Having the same issue, I'm on Mojave and S1 4.1.3. Most of the time I could just restart S1 and it went through but (funny as it is) I just connect the Presonus Atom and with it connected it always freezes at " Starting External Devices". Then I disconnect it it starts fine. I will now contact support for this.
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answered Feb 14, 2019 by sgmfranko (290 points)
Same issue external devices attached....latest S1 4.1.3 version on High Sierra. Like the OP...50% chance of freezing.
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answered Feb 15, 2019 by keithkline (200 points)
I have the same problem in Mojave, even after the latest S1 update. Mine usually hangs on the line after "Starting external devices" when it lists my Midi devices (usually not plugged in).  Sometimes I have to force quit about 5 times in a row. Very frusterating! I hope they are listening!
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answered Feb 15, 2019 by jasonhuffer (300 points)
Same problem here.  Mojave.  Hangs all the time on startup.
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answered Feb 19, 2019 by jeffcalhoun (140 points)
I experienced this problem this morning as well... It was working fine last night, and this morning could not get past loading "external device support".   I tried progressively trying to disconnect devices, power resetting the midi controler, etc and then restarting the PC.

Thinking through what I did yesterday, I recalled that I had mounted a 5T network drive where my songs are to be stored - which is protected under credentials.   After exploring the network drive in windows explorer (which triggered the prompt for drive credentials), it now works fine.  

Just a thought for those who may have a similar configuration.
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answered Feb 26, 2019 by tarasyoung (340 points)
I contacted support about this and they are aware

"Crash on Startup I do apologize for this issue. It is a known issue and logged with the Studio One developers. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide a time frame for when this will be resolved. Please keep an eye out for bug fixes in Studio One update release notes."
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answered Mar 2, 2019 by chrissederqvist1 (2,420 points)

I've worked around this problem by deleting the following files and restarting:

~/Library/Application Support/PreSonus Software/Studio One 4/remoteservice.settings
~/Library/Application Support/PreSonus Software/Studio One 4/rewireservice.settings

Also, make sure that you don't have any stale links to rewire applications in:

/Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/ReWire

I had some files linked to old applications I don't longer have installed, and when I removed these, S1 started like a charm.

Not a solution by any means, but it's a workaround that's proven useful in my case at least.

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answered Mar 3, 2019 by michaelmiller39 (140 points)
I'm having the same issue (sort of).  I launch Studio one 4 pro, it scans, then once it gets to sound devices - it blips out, automatically closes (stops).  Worked great a few weeks ago.  Now completely useless.  I've contacted support and they said I needed to delete appdata and start again. But that did not work either.

Windows 10, Roland V-studio inferface.
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answered Mar 5, 2019 by stevemcclain (190 points)
They found the fix for Windows, what's the equivalent for OS X?
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answered Mar 6, 2019 by antonsherar (670 points)
I've got same issue on Mac OSX Mojave!!
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answered Mar 7, 2019 by robcasaletta (220 points)
Hello all,

I have had the exact same issue except my chances of success were lower than 50%.  This started for me over the weekend when I updated to the newest ST4 build (January 2019).  

I just restored the previous version of ST4 and the problem for me has so far gone away, however I am leery.  

For reference I am on Mac Mojave 10.14.3, using an external hard drive for storage.

When I was having the issue I would start ST4 without my external HDD plugged in and it seemed to boot up.  The issue for me was when I had the HDD plugged into my Mac, via Thunderbolt 3.

The is a pretty big problem for me and, Presonus should be on the ball with this one.  I would imaging a lot of Mac users use some sort of external deceive for storage.
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answered Mar 9, 2019 by kingobee (180 points)
What's going on?? - This is frustrating. PLEASE FIX!
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answered Mar 17, 2019 by Fer2010 (760 points)
This is a serious issue and needs to be fixed.

I can't start Studio One since updating to MacOS Mojave. It freezes when on 'MIDI Port not found for Device A-800! This is Roland MIDI keyboard I sometimes use.

So don't let Presonus tell you to contact the manufacturer of the device. (I've seen someone mention Akai) This is clearly a Studio One issue.
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answered Mar 26, 2019 by yitaoli1 (420 points)
same issue here. Waiting to fix this.
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answered Mar 29, 2019 by timdestexhe (150 points)
Same issue here, I submitted a ticket. Is really blocking for me. Sometimes it will boot up , but then it will have a yellow explenation mark at the Midi Controller. At first I thought it was my LPK25, but then I bought a new Arturia Minilab MK2, still same issue...
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answered Dec 5, 2022 by Tucker Slough (140 points)
I'm on windows and I also have this problem.
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answered May 25, 2023 by tommyjee (250 points)
Not an answer.

5 years later and the same problem still haunts S1 users. I have been trying to access S1 for about 4 hours when I'm writing this. Presonus, what in the flying F is going on?
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answered Jul 26, 2023 by sachalaskow (330 points)
Still an issue in 2023, and I'm using a Presonus device (AtomSQ) to boot. Wild.