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S1 freezes during the "Starting External Devices"

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asked Dec 2 in Studio One 4 by romankhryapov (680 points)
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Hi there,

After the release of Mojave, the S1 wasn't ready to work on it, I had constant crashes and glitches during the work. I had to downgrade to High Sierra and wait for the update S1.
After last updating S1 works fine, except for one thing: my Studio One with a probability of 50% can freeze during startup (Starting External Devices).

Yes, since I use the MacBook 2017, I use the USB Hub to connect external devices (SPL sound card, MIDI Keyboard, iLok). But they work fine outside S1.I tried to run S1 without external devices. No results. Still at 50%.

How to solve this problem? Should I wait for the fix of this problem in the next update?

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answered Dec 4 by davidswanwick (530 points)
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not an answer but the same problem, locking up on "Starting External Devices" about 50% of the time with a akai LPK25.
imac 2017 on mojave.
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answered Dec 4 by romankhryapov (680 points)
OK. I mean that I'm not the only one. So hopefully developers will pay attention to this problem. It seems to me most of the users are just too lazy to report this problem, but it definitely exists.
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answered Dec 10 by vladimirandrievsky (160 points)
The same issue here.
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answered Dec 10 by troyanderson (140 points)
I'm having the same problem also........ is there a solution or work around?
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answered Dec 15 by studioone153 (160 points)

Same Problem here.

i'm using MBP 2018. it only happen when i'm running s1 without connecting my audio interface and midi controller.

it's really annoying :(

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answered Dec 18 by harveywright (580 points)
Same problem here since upgrading to Mojave...Apollo Twin thunderbolt.