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Using a GEQ with Groups and Filter DCA on StudioLive CS18AI

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asked Dec 6, 2018 in Ai Mixers by jameswedel (120 points)

With the StudioLive CS18AI, if I want to add a GEQ to a number of mics (e.g. 4 choir mics). Would this be the process?

  • create a mix group (on faders 1-12) with the 4 choir mics that has group selected instead of aux
  • assign this new group to the mains (and or mono)
  • assign a GEQ to the new group and make appropriate adjustments
  • set a level of output to the mains on this group that is adequate. (this would be a summed output level of the 4 channels)
Can I still set up a Filter DCA group with the 4 choir mics to control the levels of these mics going to the group that has the GEQ on it so that all the "gross" mixing is still done on the 16 DCA faders? And have the ability to fine tune levels of the individual mics by opening/selecting the DCA group? Doing this would eliminate the need to flip between mix group and DCA . 

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