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Can I use the Presonus StudioLive CS18AI as a DAW controller with Ableton Live 9?

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asked Jan 24 in StudioLive CS18Ai by dieterkuhn (160 points)


I have Ableton Live 9 on a Windows 10 computer. Can I use the Presonus StudioLive CS18AI as a DAW controller? Can I connect the two devices with a USB or network cable? What will work and what not?

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answered Mar 27 by AlexTinsley (733,700 points)
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No. CS18Ai only works with Studio One as it has native support.

Ableton would require that the CS18Ai support MCU / HUI which would be a feature request.
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answered Apr 25 by OzAmaro (1,200 points)
Right, cause its only been asked a million times by every CS18ai owner. Still, Presonus has the attitude that you would have to ask for that as a "feature request" because.....hell man who would not want to spend 1200.00 on a 16ch brick that can only talk to Studio One and God....LOL....

I bought 3 RM32's and 2 CS18AI's when they came out. Presonus promised the world when they cam out......I even asked this question of Ray at the NAMM show and he pretty much said there's no real priority for it now. Hey think if you think it won't leave a mark on your're dollars mistaken.