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Multiple FR: FX plugin per channel button, and FX plugin manager

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asked Dec 9, 2018 in Studio One 4 by Lokeyfly (860 points)
Feature Request: Multiple FX plugin  per channel  button,  and FX plugin manager

Aside from the current method of pinning multiple plugins (which is still fine btw), a breif outline seems to be that two areas would compliment the need for accessing and recalling multiple plugins groups.
The Feature request is as follows:
1. Viewing, and manipulating multiple plugins are often relevant at different times of recording, auditiining, and mixing. Since grouping plugins often relate to channels, a [FX] button on each channel, including Master channel would recall/save the current group of plugin effects on screen.

2. Alternatively, instead of the channel FX button, a "Plugin Manager" window could handle "scenes", or address the channel FX buttons as well. The Plugin Manager could even save these scenes for recall in other songs. I.e. "Sallie's vocal", "Nick's P Bass", "Song A mix with Comp", etc.

To save a string of plugins happens by current method of pinning, or holding down any relevant track(s) [FX] button, or designated plugin manager.

Want to change a channels current FX button group with another? Easy, open the plugin manager, and drag any other scene to that button, or other scene. 

This addition has a mimum of space requirements, and is in the context of better grouped FX plugin usage over the current pinned method. Yet allows for both to exist. Additionally, a channel FX button, and FX manager efficiently recalls, saves, and exchanges other saved FX scenes.  
TY for voting.

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