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SMPTE Time Stamping / True AAF

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asked Dec 11, 2018 in Mixing by mikemcgraw1 (540 points)
edited Dec 17, 2018 by mikemcgraw1
This shouldn't be in the "Mixing" category but there wasn't an appropriate option.

I'm taking a giant leap of faith that Presonus will at some point real soon start using SMPTE Time Stamping.  Lack of this makes it very difficult to with with others (especially the Film & TV community).  This already means that S1's AAF file export can't really be the same AAF that the rest of the pro community uses as they're stamped with whatever timecode S1 is using.  

Would a change like this be disruptive current and past users and is the reason why it hasn't been adapted?  Does it require hundreds of hours of code revisions?

Fingers crossed.

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