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How to scrub video for SMPTE time for placement when conducting foley and ADR?

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asked Jan 17, 2020 in Mixing by kennethhudson (140 points)

As in PT, there is a 'scrubber tool' that you can use to scroll over the .wav or video clip/ region to fine tune and pinpoint/ mark the SMPTE time code for placement of desired effects for a foley/ ADR project. What is it in S1? The tool that I found doesn't follow or move as I scroll for over the clip. I have to blindly click on the clip and it begins to play. This doesn't allow me to accurately find my correct time needed to place my sound effects.

***NOTE: Turning on Follow Edit Position which keeps the cue point in sync as you size events does not work when you try to pinpoint the desired spot.

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