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True Keyboard Cutomization and overall improvements

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asked Nov 16, 2019 in Mixing by anubhavukil (8,460 points)
Studio One says the the Keyboard shortcuts are Fully Customized. But it is not. It is still partially Customized.

1. We cannot change the Modifier Button and their activities (For example, I want to hold ALT and use my seondary tool whicle using arrow tool and use arrow tool when using other tool. But now it is fixed to CTRL and I cannot change it.) I want to do CTRL + Select to do a Non Continuous Multiple selection and not Shift + Select. I  want to do an ALT + Click on a parameter to reset its value to default  and not CTRL + Click. But currently it is not possible. It will be nice, if the keyboard shortcuts are FULLY Customizable.

2. I have a bunch of buttons on my Mouse. Including horizontal Scrolls, Mouse middle and some other buttons. I cannot map them to any activities. It will be nice if I can map them as well.

3. Studio One should group activities that are similar and follow selection. For example, removing a track, removing a plugin, deleting an event: They all are similar. They all follow selection. So, it will be nice, if we can use the same shortcut key for all of them.

4. Double click on a parameter to reset it to its default value.

5. We need Preference option, if checked, the Focus button or pin button will be on by default for all the plugins (VST or VSTi). People who don't want it will not check that option.

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answered Nov 19, 2019 by anubhavukil (8,460 points)
Another thing.

If Double click resets the parameter value to 0, with Click and hold on a parameter, we will be able to enter the value directly by typing.
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answered Nov 23, 2019 by anubhavukil (8,460 points)
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answered Nov 26, 2019 by Daw Stew (12,150 points)
One area of S1 that really annoys me is that it doesn't conform to the Windows standards of Shift +click for selecting everything from A to Z. There is no way currently in S1 to Shift+click all events (not tracks) as you would normally.
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answered May 8, 2020 by garrettmyers (890 points)
I agree very much with this, but I did actually figure out how to map my mouse buttons. I have a Kensington trackball with 6 button functions. In the customization software, I set 4 of the buttons to be F10, F11, F12, and F13. Then in Studio One, I can assign those freely wherever I want, alongside my current shortcuts. Plus modifiers! So the top two buttons of my trackball now function the same as the left and right arrows on the keyboard. But Shift makes those buttons FF or RW by one bar at a time. Command turns them into Mute and Delete, Control+Shift uses them to select my editing tool... the list goes on, and can be whatever you want it to be. I hope that works for you, at least for now!