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Firestudio Project electronic noise on all inputs

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asked Dec 12, 2018 in FireStudio Series by timothyclark3 (340 points)
When I turned the power of my rack on today (I turned it off last night for more than a short period of time for the first time in a long time), the Firestudio Project interface's input signal LEDs on the front plate started lighting up (and sometimes flashing/blinking) basically in unison. This did not get better or worse at any gain level on the input knobs, only if I muted the inputs or increased the levels in the Universal Control mixer.

When I switched the Universal Control mixer to Mixer input (usually I have it on DAW 1-2), I can hear an electronic noise on all inputs, (and it goes through to the recorded tracks), but there is no noise on the output (mixing works fine). Troubleshooting, I turned off all other gear in the rack, and even with the computer itself off, this noise persists. It seems to get better and worse intermittently. As a test, I hooked up my Audiobox USB to my computer, and did not observe this noise (so it's not affecting the Audiobox's preamps). It sounds like interference, or suddenly something that was preventing interference previously is failing.

My guitar amps in the same room and the Audiobox USB which I pulled out of storage on my desk are not exhibiting these symptoms, and it does not correlate on the FSP to whether the computer is on or off (though I suspect I hear some change in the noise when my computer is accessing its HD), Somehow it seems that it's suddenly extremely sensitive to interference on all 8 inputs where it wasn't just yesterday.

Is my Firestudio Project dying? I got it in mid-2009, so it's a kind of old device, but not very old.

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answered Jul 31 by davidpscheung (140 points)
Hi there,

Did you ever find a solution to this?  I think I'm having the same problem!
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answered Sep 4 by cookeharvey (140 points)
i had this same issue, did the same trouble shooting you did and now it is gone - no explanation but I think it has to do with Universal control.