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How to lock samplerate and buffer size on Firestudio Project

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asked Jun 6, 2021 in FireStudio Series by jacksongerber (140 points)
I'm having never ending issues with my interface in when using apps such as discord or playing games, They will seemingly individually fight each other over my interfaces sample rate and buffer size. I am very aware that when using things like DAW's that those have good reason to override the settings of the interface based on its settings. The issue is, this constant switching of sample rates causes my voice to either turn robotic or to completely stop working. This holds true inside and outside these apps as tested in audacity.

I can physically see the effect happen since the sync light on the interface flashes red when opening any apps that use audio. Even playing and pausing a video on firefox causes this problem.

There must be some way to choose the sample rate and buffer size and LOCK those in place so as to avoid these issues.

Running PreSonus Universal Control ver. 5884 as provided by the drivers page


Windows 10 Home ver. 10.0.19042

32gb ram

Intel i7-5820k

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