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Firestudio Project to Windows 10 on Dell XPS 9500 Laptop

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asked Jan 16, 2021 in FireStudio Series by rh10023 (260 points)
edited Jan 16, 2021 by rh10023
I am trying to make the conversion from MacOS to Windows 10.  Finally got my Windows 10 laptop to connect with my Firestudio Project interfaces, successfully by finding 1.7.4 of the Universal Controller.  (The Universal Controller 1.7.6 I am convinced have drivers that need their digital signatures fixed.) But now my issue is that the second FS Project loses its connection then reconnects.  So my recordings will have drop outs in them.  Plus I have noticed that the mics that I have plugged into the second FS Project interface have lots of signal distortion.

I have had my FS Project interfaces connected in series with a Firewire 400 cable connecting them together.  I have had this hardware configuration working perfectly connected to my Macbook Air and now Macbook Pro 2015 quite solidly for 10 years.  But now it seems to be rather unreliable with Windows 10.  Is there a different cabling that I should be using now that I am trying to use Windows 10 instead.

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answered Jun 22, 2021 by radar23 (1,940 points)
It works with Windows..thunderbolt 3 to 2, tb2 fw..