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Can I export Scratch Pad to a New Song?

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asked Dec 19, 2018 in Studio One 4 by johngarbarino (140 points)

I have transferred my 4-track recordings into Studio One - Tascam 246 into Presonus 192 (Studio One). 4-Tracks 1 to 4 on the tape map to tracks 1 to 4 in Studio One. Life is good.

Each 4-track tape has multiple songs and is now 1 Studio One song on the Mac. I am using Scratchpad in Studio One to pull the better parts from each of the tracks. Mixing, adding effects, etc ...

Can I export the Scratchpad to a new song?

Thanks in advance!


ps. I know I can do the cut and paste the better parts into a new song but I am looking for an easier way as I have 100 tapes ;-)

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