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Why does Molodyne not recognize the volume curves in studio one

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asked Dec 26, 2018 in Studio One 4 by daryl10 (190 points)
After I add Melodyne to a track in Studio One (and tranfer sound), Studio One does not recognize volume curves or when you delete part or all of that track, unless you deactivate or remove Melodyne from the track. I used Melodyne to make corrections on a vocal track, after I was done I tryed to fade in part of the vocals on that track and the vocals would just kick right in, unless I deactivated Melodyne.

I am running Melodyne 4 "Melodyne essential (64bit)" on Studio One Professional "Studio One Win x64"

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answered Dec 27, 2018 by robertscott1 (240 points)

Hey Daryl!

Are you using Melodyne as an insert on the track, or are you applying it to to individual audio events in the track (by hitting cmd+M, or ctrl+M on PC)? If you are running it as a plugin on the track, I may be wrong, but I don't think it will follow your volume automation curves, or even any edits you make on the audio events themselves. Alternatively, if you use Melodyne as a Event FX on the audio events in the track, it will follow your automation curves and edits. 

I found this very helpful article on Celemony's website that has some super helpful info:

Hope this helps :)


asked Dec 27, 2018 in Studio One 4 by daryl10 (190 points) Thanks
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answered Dec 27, 2018 by daryl10 (190 points)
Thanks Robert,

I am running it as a plugin, pulling it out of the browse menu and putting it into the track. After I wrote this I found a video that show how to add with Ctrl+M and figured that was the reason. Thank for the help, I think you verified my assumption.