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Melodyne freezes studio one 4

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asked Sep 1 in Studio One 4 by jonasdelabie (130 points)
There was appartenly an issue with some melodyne update, leading to an error. I found they updated it and fixed the problem so I updated melodyne. However now upon starting studio one 4, it freezes every time on the line "melodyne integration". I tried deleting and reinstalling melodyne but it did not work. Also the standalone application won't start.

So now the only way I can use studio one, is if I delete melodyne, which is just a temporary solution. Hopefully anyone can help me?

I have studio one v4 professional btw, so its melodyne essential I'm working with

1 Answer

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answered Sep 5 by neilfoley (170 points)
I too have the same issue, but randomly. Updated everything and reset my pc. Worked fine. Next day I had the same issue again. No idea what might be causing it.