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Why are some buses not showing up for sidechaining options

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asked Jul 15 in Studio One 4 by r_burroughs95 (130 points)
So this problem happens off and on.

When I want to sidechain a bus that I sent some tracks to (like a bus made for all the instruments on a beat), and then try to sidechain it to a plugin like Vocal Rider to help with the vocal levels, that bus sometimes won't show up. Other buses do, but for some reason some different busses will be missing from the list as if it is not an option to sidechain them for some reason.

I make sure that they are all in stereo, they aren't an fx bus, and that the plugin I am using gives me the option to sidechain, but then it still happens.

Has anyone else had this problem, and how can I make sure the busses I use can always be sidechain enabled if a plugin gives me the option to chose a sidechain?

Thanks in advance!

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