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Transform to rendered audio - To support version restore

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asked Dec 27, 2018 in Editing by mustafaqassim (1,070 points)

I weekly mix new large sessions, usually 50+ tracks. One of the features that I use a lot in every session is the `Transform to rendered audio`, it's very helpful to save CPU power and keep the session responsive and fast. However, to make SO the ultimate mixing DAW I think you guys need to give more priority to this feature.

One of the features that would be so helpful is to add a way to restore more than the last rendered audio, in case the track has been rendered few times.

Also, this feature should treat muted events in a smarter way. Muted events should also be rendered like the rest of the track, but stay muted. ATM you render the muted events as an empty clip which doesn't make any sense, I muted them for a reason otherwise I could just delete them in the first place.


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