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Preserve Layers when transforming to rendered audio, then back to realtime audio

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asked May 2, 2019 in Editing by michaelneumaier (220 points)
When there is a track with multiple layers and it is transformed from realtime->rendered->realtime, all of the layers should stay intact! The files are still in the Pool, but it can be a pain to try to reconfigure say a drum take with multiple tracks if you weren't ready to commit to when you rendered.

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answered Dec 22, 2020 by hunterthompson8 (250 points)
I got burned by this on a recent session. Why would you want to lose your layers in this process, defeats the purpose for doing quick mixes with heavy chains, but then you get revision requests from client. Whoops, I have to go through auto save backups, save as a version before the transform, reopen my mix, import session data from my salvaged song file. Please give us layers on transforming back to realtime audio