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Midi Transform to Audio Trouble

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asked Feb 2, 2019 in Studio One 4 by oscarperez4 (130 points)
Good day all,

I've been having an issue within S1 when transforming my midi tracks to audio that I was hoping someone here could help with. So far, this only seems to happen with Arturia plugins. For instance, whenever I arrange a piano section with Arturia's Piano V2, I transform it to reduce the CPU usage, but once it's transformed, the beginning of the audio clip fades in as if i automated a fade in prior to transforming it. This seems to only be happening whenever I use Arturia plugins but I can't seem to find a reason or a setting that could be causing that. My assumption is it could be a bug between Arturia and S1.

Anyone else who owns Arturia as well has experienced this issue?

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