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Still doesn't work. Maybe this is impossible with the MacOS X version (maybe only works on WIndows)

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asked Jan 1, 2019 in Studio One 4 by fabiokon (220 points)
Thanks a lot for the answer Matt but this doesn't work. Maybe, this only works for the Windows version?

The "MIDI learn" buttom doesn't exist in the MacOS X version of Studio One 4. I also looked for several other options and everything the documentation describes, doesn't exist on Mac OS X version :-(

If anyone have any hint, please, let us know!



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answered Jan 1, 2019 by fabiokon (220 points)
I spent the entire day today at this and, after several hours, I figured out what the problem is. It's not related to Mac vs. Windows.

The MIDI learn button doesn't show up when I'm using a "EM1 Mallet Station" external device type.

But it does show up when I create a "New Keyboard".

So, after creating this new keyboard I was able to map all the malletstation controls to software parameters.

I wish this was better explained somewhere. It took me 1 month to find out...