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ASIO4ALL Works, Windows 10 Audio doesn't

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asked Dec 28, 2018 in Studio One 4 by christineanderson (280 points)
Machine: Dell Vostro

Processor: Core i5 2400 Quad Core

RAM: 12Gb

OS: Win 10 Pro v1809 Build 17763.195

Audio: AMD High Definition Audio

The problem I'm having is that Studio One 4 will work fine with ASIO4ALL, all audio is good, recording is good, the only problem being that I can't playback audio from any other application. When I use Windows Audio, there is nothing. No sound whatsoever, even with previously recorded tracks that work. I've rebooted several times, re-installed the device drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled Studio One, twice, rebooted, checked that the sample rates match, (both set to 48kHz and 24 bit) yet, Studio One still tells me that the sample rates don't match (it complains that the sample rate I set is 48kHz and the device is set to 44.1kHz) and it disables the audio.

I've previously had Studio One 3 running with no problems, even when the sample rate has not matched, it still played back fine.

Can you help?

2 Answers

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answered Dec 30, 2018 by ien (750 points)
When you say you've checked that the rates match did you do this in Sound preferences from the Control Panel or somewhere else? If somewhere else it might be worth checking the Control Panel place in case that's the problem.

Open up Control Panel > Sound > select device > Properties > Advanced > Select format in drop down.

It might not be that but worth checking anyway.
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answered Jan 4, 2019 by christineanderson (280 points)

I have managed to solve the problem.

It appears that Microsoft Teams (the replacement for Skype for Business), was interfering between Studio and Windows Audio. After resintalling Studio several times and removing and reinstalling the Windows Audio devices, I decided to shutdown Windows, disable the audio in BIOS, reboot back into Windows, disable Teams boot startup, reboot back into BIOS and re-enable audio and boot back into Windows.

Studio then started up without any errors and now I'm able to use Studio with Windows Audio at the same time as running other audio applications, such as Netflix/iPlayer/Prime streaming on Firefox. Fortunately, I don't need Teams on all the time.

I haven't yet tested recording but playback works fine.