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Is there anything I can do to speed up the download/transfer speed of the Studio One Instruments Vol. 2 Soundset?

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asked Jan 11, 2018 in Studio One 3 by justinpillette (150 points)
Setting up a small home studio. Purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 320 with an AMD 12 series 2.7 ghz processor, 8 gb RAM and 1 TB hdd, and an AudioBox USB 96 interface. So a brand new computer with nothing else on it. It'a a wireless connection, but I have Google Fiber and just registered a download speed of 391 mps on a speed test using a different laptop with a similar processor, so nothing wrong with the connection. Am downloading Studio 3 Artist software and experiencing very slow transfer/download speed (approx 25 KB/sec) of the Vol. 2 soundset. The first soundset downloaded fairly quickly (around 6 MB/sec), and the Vol. 2 soundet started off just as fast, but at about the 340 MB point (of 1.42 GB total) it slowed down to 14 kb/sec and stayed there for a while. Then it gradually picked up to about 25-30 kb/sec and has stayed there ever since. I'm now 2 hours into the download and am only 536 MB into the vol. 2 soundset. At this rate it will take all day. -- Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggestions on what might be causing it? Thanks.

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answered Jan 11, 2018 by PreSonuSupt4 (221,100 points)
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Not sure about speeding up downloads but this support article may help in general...
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answered Jan 18, 2019 by joshuaburdette (140 points)
I am having similar troubles with EXTREMELY slow downloading of the Studio One content. I can speed test my wifi around 80-90 Mbps, yet I have my laptop connected to my router with a CAT 6 cable and the fastest speed I have seen during these downloads is far below 50 kbps. The larger file of over 1 gig was downloading all night only to discover that it had failed and moved to the next one. Still at dial up speed. My only guess, and it is a guess, is that they are using typical hosting instead of a media host. So if there are numerous people attempting these downloads at the same time the host site becomes "jammed up" or "bottle necked" when it comes to their uplaod speed. While I do not know what hosting methods they are using, my guess seems to make sense. Is definitely teaching me patience because I am looking forward to using this software.
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answered May 14, 2019 by andrejmacko (220 points)

Yes, this is described in another thread: it's a BUG a lot of users are describing, but the supporter told me to open a feature-request :-D. So you can either download every single file yourself from the browser and import every single from into your S1 - OR - you can open a feature-request ;-). For myself, I'm going to play a bit guitar and try to calm down from the supporter answer :o). Cheers

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answered Jul 21, 2020 by inigowilson (180 points)