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Output from my MIDI controller is not being recorded

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asked Jan 6 in Studio One 4 by jeffreysiers (120 points)

Okay, I'm having a thing and not sure what is happening. I'm sure that it is some setting that I'm overlooking.  I'm running StudioOne 4 on my Windows 10(64) machine. My MIDI controller is the M-Audio Keystation 49e. I have it up and running and it triggers all of the instruments nicely. I can hear the audio through my monitors, headphones, or both. I'm specifically interested in Impact so I can use my controller to record drums because, let's face it, I'm not a drummer.

So here's my problem: although I can hear everything the sounds aren't being recorded. All of the meters are saying that I am getting input from my controller but the meter on the drum channel isn't showing anything. I'm not showing a waveform when I start recording. Nothing. So what am I overlooking here?

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