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Faderport V2 (2018) and Reaper *SOLVED*

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asked Jan 29 in FaderPort 2018 by devonkelley (250 points)
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Update - Check the Answers.

I know the Reaper community is pretty good at making things work that weren't necessarily compatible with Reaper but from everything that I read is that the newer faderport does not, CURRENTLY, have a 100% working build for it. Maybe I am wrong but the classic faderport has a working build that work completely with Reaper where the V2 doesnt.

Can anyone confirm this? Has anyone gotten the V2 to work with Reaper and is their anyway that Presonus would create a file that would help this process?


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answered Jan 30 by devonkelley (250 points)
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I figured it out. Kinda.

I was originall using a NanoKontrol 2 as a surface controller for Reaper so I had to install MCU Klinke V0.8 to get it to work. PS. it sucks. But while I was reading about .DLL files I found the faderport 2018 uses the the MCU .DLL terribly. Anyway I changed which DAW the Faderport is going to use (by holding the Next button while starting it up) to the Logic setup and HOLY ******* **** it worked. Everything works. Its a little spotty when it comes to the stop button, but other than that its perfectly fine.

TL:DR - Download the MCU Klinke V0.8 ( havent tried V0.8.3) and change the Faderports input to Logic (hold down Next on startup and press mute ( I think?) and under control surfaces go to Mackie Control Universal Klinke and set the MIDI in/out to Faderport and Boom.

Let me know if anyone else gets it working. 

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answered Jan 30 by franccriton (140 points)
Just received my Faderport V2 and unable to make it work with Reaper

Really need help before I send it back to the store