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Faderport v2 stops working during use with Ableton Live 10

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asked Oct 15, 2020 in FaderPort 2018 by jamesmacolini (120 points)
I started having a problem recently where whenever I use my Faderport with Live 10, it will stop responding to button presses during a use session. For example, I will turn my unit on and it responds just fine. After a few minutes however, the buttons will no longer function (but remain backlit) and a power cycle is required to begin using it again. After more use though, the buttons stop working again and the cycle continues.

I am running Windows 10 with the most up to date firmware (v3.43) and have the MIDI control surface settings correctly configured in Live, with the Faderport running in Live operation mode with MCU.

I also have a Launchpad Mini and Launchkey 25 plugged in as control surfaces, might they be interfering with the Faderport?

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