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Cannot assign new inputs

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asked Jan 21 in Studio One 4 by patrickbardet (130 points)
I used the previous answer to solve my problem with Studio One 4. I've checked my BitDefender suite to authorize some files to record correctly.
But one problem still remains. In the assignment table of the 8 tracks of the Zoom R16 and the Input L-R assigned to Inputs 1 and 2 and the Input L (2nd line) assigned to Input 1 and Input 3 (3rd line) assigned to Input 2, if I want to add a new Input (a new line) mono, automatically, it assigned the new Input 3 with the little square and when I want to save it, the squares disappear, so my adding is not taken into account.
It works only for Inputs 1 and 2.
So why can't I assign new Inputs for tracks beyond the 2nd ?



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