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Midi Problems in Studio One v4.1

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asked Dec 10, 2018 in Studio One 4 by leylandclopton (1,920 points)
Since updating to version 4.1, I have been having problems recording midi. For example when recording, the first note I play from my midi keyboard always gets stuck. The duration of the note will last for up to 12 bars. If I undo the recording and start over it may record correctly. Sometimes I have to undo several times and it will finally work. I am also getting a lot of double notes, usually during the first bar of recording. I remember having this issue with an earlier version of 3, but it was fixed in 3.5, but now its back.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

Also I would love to have more advanced midi function, such as dedicated strum tool for midi. The humanize function is not very intuitive, and and really does not create a strum effect.

Also I would like midi notes to default to the last length that you were using while drawing in notes. Its annoying when you dray in a whole note, and then the next note you click is a quarter note. That makes no sense at all. If anyone has any other ideas for improving midi function please give this post a thumbs up and comment below so the devs can see it. Thanks.

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answered Dec 15, 2018 by jamesrutherford (390 points)
having the same issues
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answered Dec 30, 2018 by michaelchapman7 (240 points)
edited Dec 30, 2018 by michaelchapman7
Same thing has been happening to me.  I can consistently reproduce it 100% by simply recording new lines with my controller.  Extremely annoying to deal with something like this in a professional DAW.  I am experiencing this on my macOS Mojave install of S1 4.1.1.  Not sure if this is also there on the Windows build or not.  

The work around for me seems to be to just try and NEVER hit a midi note ON or BEFORE beat 1 on the measure you are recording in on.  If you are late, the stuck midi note never happens.  If you hit the bar line, then you are screwed.  So alas after finally stopping work on my music and playing QA for Presonus, I am now able to work by intentionally playing behind in the beginning and fixing it later manually with my mouse or quantization.  It's less annoying to clean up than a 12 bar long note or chord that covers up the rest of your midi.  

Funny how workflow attracts people to S1 but then it can't do basic midi properly.  Talk about a workflow killer, nothing kills a moment like good ol' curse words flying at the screen when something so fundamental that should not ever break in a DAW repeatedly gets in your way.  For the record I really like S1, but bugs like this are just killing it for me.
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answered Jan 12, 2019 by marvinglenn (480 points)
When I'm editing MIDI, erasing a note doesn't prevent it from sounding. It disappears visually but not sonically.  This is a consistent problem.

Another problem is S1 is not acknowledging my sustain pedal off/on action when I record from my keyboard.  Then, I cannot seem to add the pedal off/on to the controller section in the piano roll view.

These are two very frustrating problems. Actually quite demoralizing when creating.  It makes me want to try another DAW.
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answered Jan 17, 2019 by stratoholic (240 points)
I just updated to version Studio One version

4.1.2 and have a ton of latency with my LX61 MIDI controller!
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answered Mar 24, 2019 by dmitrypetrenko (2,990 points)
I will support the question. Similar behavior was observed prior to version 4.1.2. After upgrading to 4.1.3, the initially chaotic behavior of the first note of the MIDI track was corrected. But yesterday, suddenly, after the next launch of the program, it appeared again. Unfortunately, I had to continue working in another DAW.
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answered Mar 26, 2019 by dmitrypetrenko (2,990 points)
Update 4.1.4 fixed my problem. Everything works as it should!