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Clip and sample launcher - similar to Ableton session view

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asked Jan 24, 2019 in Editing by joshuagrimm (680 points)
I use Ableton to compose song structures and write generic midi parts.  I load midi patterns into the session view and use the "midi scale" or "midi pitch" effect to make sure everything's in key.  Then I randomly trigger clips and record the output in the arrangement view.  I bring these stems into studio one and recreate the entire project.  I try to keep the instrument and FX chains simple in Ableton and just compose the instrumental parts.  If I owned Cubase, I'd take those midi stems into Cubase and use the "chord suggestion" and "chord inversion" tools.  So my suggestion is to create a clip launcher (with a faster midi map button).  The "follow actions" in Ableton are ok, but they need a randomization feature that's adjustable.  This way you could set a midi clip to randomly launch within a specified time that you choose.  For example, if you're writing dubstep using dubstep samples, you could set each clip to randomly trigger the next one at a length between 1/4 beat and 1 bar, and if you're writing longer midi chord progressions you could trigger up to 2 bars or 4 bars, or much shorter or etc.  The most important feature is the "Launch-Legato" switch that allows new clips or samples to start playing from the same position as the last one instead of re-triggering and starting over.   I would also love to have a chord identifier like Cubase that tells you what chord you have selected in the midi editor, maybe you have that, but then have a way to invert the chord so that you could change octaves fast and choose inversions, and slash chords, etc.  I apologize if you have any of this, I've only been using Studio One 2 months.  I like it a lot!!  God bless!!  -Josh

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answered Jul 14 by jazzundso (132,070 points)
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answered Jun 6, 2019 by rickenplayer (410 points)
Let's stick to what your title says - Ableton style clip launcher.  Presonus can easily put Ableton in their place with a feature that everyone has been wanting.

- Make Clip View it's own view aside from session editor and mixer.

- Have the tracks/instruments go across the top of the window, and clips going down vertically.  No FX, groups, aux VST outputs would be visible, just tracks from the editor.

- Allow drag n drop between editor and clip launch view, allowing instrument/pattern/audio parts to go into the clip launcher while using the insert FX on the track.

- Apply same looping logic as Ableton, where the clips are "snapped" to the beat.  You don't want to launch clips off the beat unless you disable the snap.

- Of course, full ability to trigger any controller, MIDI or otherwise.  Hell, make a 64 pad Atom!

- We don't even need the ability to record from the clip view, just use the Arranger and whatever already exists in Studio One.  Record out to other audio tracks even.
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answered Oct 11 by fabianvilette (180 points)
It would really be a great thing to have this feature integrated into Studio One.

This is what your daw really lacks, which becomes more and more essential with updates.

I sincerely hope that the next update will offer this option.

For my part and some that not the only one in this case, if there was this function, the transition to Studio One would be done without worries.

Again, it's really missing. Your daw would be a daw hybrid, the best of both worlds.
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answered Nov 17 by fabianvilette (180 points)
This is really a feature that Studio One lacks. The best of both worlds. Linear sequencer and clip launcher. It would really be a plus if the clip launcher was developed in a future update.