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Clip and sample launcher - similar to Ableton session view

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asked Jan 24, 2019 in Editing by joshuagrimm (650 points)
I use Ableton to compose song structures and write generic midi parts.  I load midi patterns into the session view and use the "midi scale" or "midi pitch" effect to make sure everything's in key.  Then I randomly trigger clips and record the output in the arrangement view.  I bring these stems into studio one and recreate the entire project.  I try to keep the instrument and FX chains simple in Ableton and just compose the instrumental parts.  If I owned Cubase, I'd take those midi stems into Cubase and use the "chord suggestion" and "chord inversion" tools.  So my suggestion is to create a clip launcher (with a faster midi map button).  The "follow actions" in Ableton are ok, but they need a randomization feature that's adjustable.  This way you could set a midi clip to randomly launch within a specified time that you choose.  For example, if you're writing dubstep using dubstep samples, you could set each clip to randomly trigger the next one at a length between 1/4 beat and 1 bar, and if you're writing longer midi chord progressions you could trigger up to 2 bars or 4 bars, or much shorter or etc.  The most important feature is the "Launch-Legato" switch that allows new clips or samples to start playing from the same position as the last one instead of re-triggering and starting over.   I would also love to have a chord identifier like Cubase that tells you what chord you have selected in the midi editor, maybe you have that, but then have a way to invert the chord so that you could change octaves fast and choose inversions, and slash chords, etc.  I apologize if you have any of this, I've only been using Studio One 2 months.  I like it a lot!!  God bless!!  -Josh

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answered Jun 6, 2019 by rickenplayer (350 points)
Let's stick to what your title says - Ableton style clip launcher.  Presonus can easily put Ableton in their place with a feature that everyone has been wanting.

- Make Clip View it's own view aside from session editor and mixer.

- Have the tracks/instruments go across the top of the window, and clips going down vertically.  No FX, groups, aux VST outputs would be visible, just tracks from the editor.

- Allow drag n drop between editor and clip launch view, allowing instrument/pattern/audio parts to go into the clip launcher while using the insert FX on the track.

- Apply same looping logic as Ableton, where the clips are "snapped" to the beat.  You don't want to launch clips off the beat unless you disable the snap.

- Of course, full ability to trigger any controller, MIDI or otherwise.  Hell, make a 64 pad Atom!

- We don't even need the ability to record from the clip view, just use the Arranger and whatever already exists in Studio One.  Record out to other audio tracks even.