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Faderport 2018 isn't working with Reaper on Mac OS

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asked Dec 4, 2019 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by feliperamrez (130 points)

Hi! The persons faderport 2018 is not working properly with Reaper on MacOS. I have been trying with the Cubase MCU and setting the control surface in Reaper as Mackie Control Universal, and it kind of works, but the channel selection is crazy. I would like this to be resolved because there are a lot of forums where people are asking about it. I have read that the Faderport classic was working perfectly, and Reaper community has been growing exponentially.

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answered Jan 12 by lclyman (140 points)
I'm having the same problem. It appears from doing searches across other relevant forums that this is a real and known problem with Reaper and faderport on a Mac and that PreSonus has not made any acknowledgements of this.

I'm going to return my Faderport 8 and make a post on the Reaper forum about this issue and recommend to the rapidly growing Reaper community to stay away from this product.

Incidentally, I also have Logic and faderport works perfectly out of the box. Unfortunately for me I greatly prefer Reaper so the faderport goes back.

Thanks and good luck...