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How to disable news feed tab on splash screen

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asked Jan 31 in Studio One 4 by pinkaudiobunny (180 points)
edited Jan 31 by pinkaudiobunny
Hi, how can I get rid of the news feed tab?

I see switching to "demos and tutorials" does it for the moment, but on next startup it loads in eye hurting newsfeed again.

I don't like it because it is an unnecessary distraction and gives for a untidy impression when starting studio one to make music.

I strongly believe in minimizing such kind of online noise, and I really donĀ“t dig it in my creative environment.

(Ok I got it. Deny S1 all Outgoing connections with Little Snitch app result in "Feed not available". yay!. I wonder what`s the pitfalls of this workaround though.)

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