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Noise background

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asked Feb 3, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by albertocallari (180 points)
I have a presonus studio 68, when the volume of any microphone channel is at its maximum, I hear a white noise in the background of about -54 db, is this normal? Noise is present both with the microphone plugged in and the cable disconnected. Thanks for any answers.

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answered Feb 5, 2019 by nickmaggio (26,660 points)


What you are hearing is something called the "Noise Floor"  the noise floor is essentially ALL the background noise in your room, even the stuff you don't know you're hearing including far away traffic and nearby equipment hums.

This is 100% normal. As a matter of fact, if you DIDNT hear this, it would indicate an issue. 

All is well 

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answered Feb 6, 2019 by albertocallari (180 points)
Hello @nickmaggio,
Thank you for your answer. you refer to the background noise known as "the noise floor". I am aware of this fact, but the problem is another: the noise present on all the channels is perceived too high, especially considering the technical specifications presonus mic preamps, much praised as very clean. The problem also occurs by disconnecting all the cables and leaving only the power and headphone cable that is used to monitor. I did all the tests but the result does not change. I also asked friends who have sound cards from other brands, which confirm a very low background noise, much less than my study 68. I think my sound card is faulty, I'll wait a few days to confirm some things and then I will change it. I have also opened a ticket in the presonus support and I am also waiting for their response.
I'm sorry for my english, but I used google translator.
Thanks for your help.