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Mastering: allow a single FX chain to be applied to several tracks but not all

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asked Jan 4, 2018 in Mastering by richardcorner1 (290 points)
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In the Project page (Mastering view) of Studio One 3, we have the ability to apply an FX chain to either a single track (via the track's Inserts panel) or all tracks (via the Master Inserts panel). I would like to be able to apply a single FX chain to a subset of the tracks, without having to create an instance of the chain for each track.

To illustrate why: I am mastering some compilation CDs of live classical recordings from old tapes, with 15-20 tracks per CD. I use Izotope Ozone 8 plus a couple of other plugins. The CD I'm currently working on has tracks from two different source tapes. The first 9 tracks come from tape 1 and the other 10 tracks from tape 2. I import the tracks from each source tape as a single audio file containing multiple pieces, so I start with 2 audio events/CD tracks in the project. I configure an FX chain on each of these so that I can tweak the sounds of the two tapes to match one another (typically using Ozone 8). Then I mark the CD tracks using the "Split track at cursor" command, so I end up with 19 tracks over 2 audio events. At this point the only way to apply the first FX chain to tracks 1-9 and the second FX chain to tracks 10-20 is to copy one of the chains to each individual track. But this causes Studio One to create an instance of each plugin for each track. I end up with 20 instances of Ozone 8, which uses a ton of memory and brings Studio One to a crawl. 9 of these instances have identical settings for source tape 1 and the other 10 have identical settings for source tape 2. It's hugely wasteful of resources when in principle I should need only 2 instances of Ozone, each applied to half of the tracks on the CD.

So I would like the ability to group CD tracks in the Project view and apply a single FX chain to each group of tracks. That way I could achieve the same result with 2 instances of each plugin instead of 20.

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answered Jan 17, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,650 points)
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