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Zero Latency for instruments switchable via macro or shortcut. Display

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asked Mar 27, 2020 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by minkokalsbeek (560 points)
Since I have some issues with bouncing in place while ZLM is engaged I want to be able to have a short cut to arm and disarm this feature. Also I want it in display in the info pane next to the play button in the edit window.

I work with full screen arrangement window. I need to see my arrangement. This speeds up my workflow.

The Z button for LLM is in the mix window (or pref page). So if I want to switch it off it is F3, push the button, F2 and mix-down. That is three freaking buttons. (And me out of my flow which is bad).

I looked for a macro and haven’t found it. Can you make this possible including the indication in the main window?

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